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Olympus Protection Services

We are an elite group of operators comprised of highly trained U.S. Armed Forces veterans. We deploy task organized, specific security, and protection details world wide. Through our unique skill sets, training, and professional service we protect life and property.


Our goal is to use the conglomerate of military service and experiences we possess to create an entity capable of services beyond the realm of normal security. We aim to employ America’s veterans in a career that not only makes military to civilian transitions easier, but provides them with financial security and stability. By uniting veterans with such experiences, the result is a collective with the determination, loyalty, and drive to see any tasks through till the end.


Our team is a fully licensed and certified unit. Our real world experience, backgrounds, and training consist of: Marines, Marine Recon, Green Beret, SEALS, Army Ranger, Security Forces, and Infantry.


We are a Veteran founded and friendly company. 


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